On this day in history... Galaxy Opal Wilt is now mine!

GOATED :fire:



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Thanks! :grin:

Congrats man! D’antoni + White Kobes is the move imo.

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How many HC did you lock? Congrats!

Yup that’s what I’m thinking, his 3 ball is pretty much his only weakness so I gotta boost that up as much as possible

His shot release ain’t the best either, kinda like Hakeem

Congrats guy mine last night!!!


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On this day… nobody cared!

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Who are you?

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He’s a stud. Automatic wind in TTO.

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Thanks! Zero HCs, I locked all of the current cards and almost all of the Throwbacks excluding the most expensive ones (Jazz, Wolves, Pacers, Hornets, Grizzlies.) Surprisingly got most of the tokens from TTO and locker codes

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No locked HC?? OHRLY??

Shhh go to the corner and cry some more about your Phil card :shushing_face:

You made the right pick.

I haven’t locked in anything yet so I’ll join you in about 1000 tokens :slight_smile:


Thanks! Wilt bros for life haha :sunglasses:

Yup, I did scoop up most of the Heatchecks in the PD PG13 crash though so if I want to I could get Worthy… locking in 2-3 million for one card is a tough pill to swallow though. Market crashes are a god send if you’re looking to lock sets in, definitely go card hunting during them if you’re aiming for tokens

Best of luck to you man, my advice is to just grind TTO as much as you can, some days you can get hot and pull 30-40 tokens. Also lock in those current collections when they go for cheap during big crashes, the upcoming KD and Bron anniversary releases should be a good opportunity

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