On god, it better be LaMelo or Ben Simmons this Friday

2k bores me these days, like seriously who wants same position players 2 weeks in a row. Not to mention people been dying for a great PG FOR WEEKS now! It better be some :fire: this Friday. I seen a lot of people quit 2k because it’s boring, but fire like that can bring homies back lol


2K = Insert Roy - Hakeem :cold_face:

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Grant Hill Josh Smith Wayne Embry and Big O hopefully soon

I’m just waiting for an elite kawhi. I’ve been getting cooked by his opal forever. Then I could throw him on said ben simmons or lamelo.

word homeboy

Last friday before April 13th, Mamba incoming

We need DM Wade first


Yes please, been waiting for a Ben Simmons upgrade for a long time. His PD is still a killer, if he gets the ability to hit an open 3 it’s over.


Opal or DM Kobe has to be coming soon I hope…

Simmons would be nice as well but I feel like if they don’t make an opal Kobe then the DM will be slightly worse then a GOAT version at the end of the year.

Spicy P this week.

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I been waiting on a galaxy or dm ben to use for these hof domination. Magic cool but I need a nonstop dunking machine to yam it on people.

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If this is true … good time to sell Opal magic or luka?
I don’t want to lose MT selling after.

My magic has HOF deep threes and clamps with 3 pt grinches and diamond contract .
My luka has a diamond shoe and contract with a bunch of added badges .

I really would want simmons or ball

not saying i want it to happen… but why does kyle lowry not have a card other than his current day card yet and that season reward from season 1?

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I mean, Luka has gone up to Sub 400k on XB Current Gen so I would assume they’re dropping a PG next. My guess would be Oscar since we haven’t even gotten a GO one. Heso Melo is also coming soon, mark my words.

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Deffo time to sell Luka, last day of it too.

Monday still high on cards. I remember when i told people to sell KD and many looked at me sideways. KD was 400k even 500k sometimes. Now his more like 300k or even 250k (sometimes even with extra’s).


And Bosh with HOF Blinders and curry slide :smiling_imp:


We need PENNY

This friday has to be a new Bron or new Ben or even both. IDOLS this friday ? what yall think ?

Dildos or idols. One or another.


Innocent question for Ben Simmons lovers… Even with a 3 ball, what would make him better than Magic? (assuming you have an Opal Magic with HOF Clamps)

Better release I guess? What else?

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