On avg, do you run your offence through your back court or your front court?

I’m naturally a guard dependent player. I like guards with excellent ball handling as I like to break down the defense.

But lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun in the post. What do you all prefer?

All depends on the matchup

I have more fun dropping 10+ with guys like McHale or TD, DRob or even Pau (with the boost). Anyone else notice they gave McHale some of the best dunk animations?

How is the pau and kobe duo?

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Yes wtf is up with that lol

McHale looks like he can from an old and 1 video when he dunks lol

Maybe I’ll have to pick up the McHale… How much did you grab him for? Do you play him at the 4 or 5?

I like it, but my Pau has all the shooting badges and a shoe that boosts his LQ (69 I think) which makes him a better C. The boost to Kobe isn’t really anything because the Curry shoe I have boosts the exact same stats (and 99 SwB). Overall, the duo is great for running an electric SG that has everything besides a shit-ton of badges, and a post-playing stretch-big that can play defense and rebound very well.

Did you buy my Pau for 99k ? lol.

Edit: Oh, it’s Kobe you said, sorry misread.

I picked him up for like 55k during the crash, but he was as low as 40k at one point. I love him, defense is elite, shot is simple and his dunk animations are hilarious. I’m hoping for the duo w/ Bird, hopefully making him a stronger shooter, but for a mainly post-scoring that can lockdown pretty much anything that moves, he’s pretty good.

However, he doesn’t seem to work for everyone. He’s not as good as TD imo, but McHale is still very good for me.

Oh no lol, I bought a Pau for like 39k (bid) and he came with a LQ, Speed and Acceleration shoe (now he’s fast af boi).

Some spanish lover bought the Pau i had (got him for 60k) for 99k lol. He had Currys.

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“Spanish Lover” lmao

Front court

I’m trying balanced syle.
Pnr with magic, 3 pt with bird, post with d rob, iso jordan, and rotating plays. I rarely have guy scoring 30+ pts

Balanced. Sometimes jaylen brown go off for me, other times its tatum, durant or even drob

I just take what the defense gives me