OMG! Pulled a monster in the token moments packs!

Ruby Lavine…

Got em!

Excuse the thread title lol the real reason I started this thread was to get a thread going on those of uswho gambled to open these packs. Seriously though. Has anyone pulled anything higher than ruby yet? I’ve opened 5 ofthese all ruby and 1 sapphire.

Shake has a video where he gambled on the 150 token pack and got amy Deandre Jordan


Haha I used 15 tokens last night was hoping for Klay and got ruby lavine too

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I have diamond klay and every other moments card is lacking. I’ll wait until there’s no less than 3 diamond lebron moments before I gamble with token packs.

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People gonna regret this shit if they ever do a straight swap for an OP card


Yup tried once and got lavine. Regret the fact ill have to get a good token drop or lock a set to make up for it lol

I got Emerald J.J Reddick

Lavine will net you decent mt but not 15 tokens worth. I’m not too worried about it. I’m a gambler so I’ll always take a shot for a big pay out.


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Yeah i got more then i thought for him. But im 40 tokens away from puerce and that through me back alot lol

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That’s a low blow


I’ve opened four, pulled emerald staukstas, Sapphire temple, Ruby Ingles, then ruby Steven adams

The conclusion of this thread — don’t open moments card for 15 tokens


Seriously there’s like two good moments cards out of all of them. Steph and klay only and the rest are garbage. Waste of tokens imo.

I opened 12 packs total and haven’t pulled anything above ruby Trae Young. I know I should have quit a long time ago. Soo through 12 packs not one amethyst or diamond.

Y’all boys really spending 150 on a non guaranteed player 150 tokens is the equivalent to 200k+ mt

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Shoulda had a 75 token Amy pack and 150 diamond pack in my opinion

More, even. Six heat check collections is easily 500K+.

Everything is trail and error with 2k. I guess they wanted to see how many people would take the bait on these packs. People spend hundreds if not thousands on packs each month, Why would they preserve tokens? They could have added players to the token market but instead they added packs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added more way to get tokens, so they could in-turn gamble on packs. With how valuable tokens have become no one should be wasting them on these packs, but the temptation to gamble is going to outweigh common sense. Myteam shouldn’t have an E for everybody rating with the amount of gambling it has in it.

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True. but there’s always “one time” that’s my little giants reference