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I feel like a 15 year old on Xmas morning lol…I somehow just bid sniped a 23 HOF Ja Ja for just over 300k MT (extra hofs are difficult , hyperdrive ,blinders ,green machine , HZH, Triple threat Juke and chasedown artist ) …was it a W or L in your opinion? I was holding out to get both Giannis and JaJa at the same time but couldn’t resist this 1, there was a very similar JaJa that went for over 400k which expired just a few mins before the 1 I got it had 25 hofs but it had a bunch of nonsense badges added like lob city finisher,break starter and a few other irrelevant badges , so I’m thinking I got a decent deal because they were so close to each other …thoughts ?

Edit: is it weird that I thurally enjoy watching the dreads in the back of JaJa’s head bounce as he elevates to shoot ? Lol I find myself memorized by it and often watch the dreads rather than watching the animation develop in order to release the jumpshot on time


Glad you are happy. I have no idea if this is a steal or not, but if you enjoy a card/player then go for it. I personally would blow out my stack for a few different players that were badged up like that.

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That really sounds like a win. That seems like a good extra 8 HOF badges and at least I always really thought difficult, HZH, and chase down work really well for most people. I have not figured out about blinders yet this year, but this should be one of the best PG cards for awhile and, as you have noted before, it is very unlikely you will lose any MT when you are ready to sell.
I also agree for a PG, lob city finisher and break starter are not that important. Those are the badges I typically want for my center or PF.

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Yes I actually havnt figured out the worth of the HOF blinders badge myself either , in my opinion atleast on current , last year blinders were not nearly as important as next gen bit this year the concensus seems that people really value that badge , for me personally I think if the jumpshot timing is on normal, this badge is much more useful than of the jumper is set on quick for obvious reasons , and another thing is I know when you’re able to green contested jumpers , it helps you green shots, I’ve seen guys green 60% with blinders and haven’t seen it nearly as much without it , so it def has some effect, just not sure to what extent yet personally and 2k labs doesn’t have any concrete info on blinders yet either , which is where I get all my knowledge about anything to do with badges , those fellas set up thousands of tests to solidify their findings so they actually can’t be wrong after researching it to that extent , I would HIGHLY recommend the channel to everyone

Looks like I’ll be picking up opal Giannis very shortly here too, I feel sorry for whoever ends up matching up with me in clutch time on my grind to get spicy P, I’m going to sweat these kids into oblivion lol

found an opal Giannis with many extra HOF badges? If there ever is a 2KG tournament, we definitely will need to have rules in what cards are allowed!

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I’m skipping on Opal Giannis - my PD has 18 including DeadEye :slight_smile: - and anyway - I’m using Davis/Lebron right now :slight_smile:

p.s. today I sold ‘naked’ OP Giannis for ~570

That’s insane because most are ending around 400k , so you def found yourself a sucker lol :joy:. But yea the PD Giannis can get shooting badges this Giannis can’t but I’ve never looked for anything other than defense and some playmaking from Giannis Soni don’t really need him to shoot and this opal Giannis def resembles his DPOY/MVP self

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I’m on playstation - it could be different on xbox :slight_smile: - more demand on ps

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sorry to break it to ya, but he is tanking in price.

Yea but he’s still going for over 300k naked lol I literally paid less than 50k for 8 extra hofs , I’ll take that everyday and twice in Sundays :slight_smile: and I’m not too concerned with losing value , since this is the best PG in the game with no arguments, DM Payton is not it and doesnt even have as many hofs as this JaJa