OMG-its-GARCIAz Is The Biggest Sore Loser On Playstation Network

This kid plays ben simmons with kyries, giannis, t mac, kd & kristaps all 20 minutes. 5 outs and zig zags whichever position has the biggest mismatch against simmons and giannis. His zig zag is so aggressive that I had to give up on defending him nearly half of the possessions in the game to prevent a defensive 3 seconds. Obviously I can’t guard 3 SF so my JR Smith & Carmelo ended up guarding him a majority of the game. Mans ended up dropping a 40 piece on my head and still lost by 8 and hes now proceed to attempt to sub glitch me.

I shouldn’t be laughing but the way you just described that was soooo funny. trey way shit :star_struck:


Yeah I played this dude before. Beaten and lost to him. he is trash.

Hahahaha… I’m pretty sure that’s the guy that made me go on that zig zag rant last month lol. If it is, he was using PD Curry back then.

He had Curry as his starting 2. Realized he couldn’t guard my JR coming off screens for my plays and subbed him out after he hit 2 wide open 3s. Played Giannis the rest of the game.

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Both me and my brother have played & beaten him this round. The second he realizes hes about to lose he sub glitches you.

That would be him. He didn’t sub glitch me though, luckily.

Lol that story :rofl: