Omg im dying

He’s been talking about that since last off-season. Last I heard @DaNali was working on his 3 point shooting with him and he was splashing

I’m a wizards fan

Just sighed so loud, my dog woke up and just walked out of the room

Let the fuckery begin, jfc lol


Hes never going to be consistent at shooting so he should just stick to what hes good at. Maybe polish his post moves up even more

Coming from a day one Magic fan, this dude has been the most beat up player since he got drafted in 04, always catching hard fouls for playing down low and especially with the bad back and being 30. If he wants to play for at least 5 more seasons then he’s gonna have to mold his game to Timmy’s when he got older. His back won’t hold up in the post much longer. He has no business shooting 3’s, but a reliable Nik vucevic kinda mid range jump shot and he can prolong his career.

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idk man the dude should’ve developed a jumper like 5yrs ago. He kinda is what he is, which isnt a bad thing but he needs to stick with what he does best and know his role

Hell, just hitting free throws consistently would do wonders in stopping all the fouling and punishment he takes

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I’ve seen Dwight in the gym hit 100 free throws in a row like nothing while no one is around. Then the pressure sits in. He also has massive shoulders which doesn’t help a jump shooter. Wall just needs to break down the D and lob the ball up

Yea That’s a good point about his shoulders, figure that’s why his release has always been at/in front of his face. Basically a set shot too. Not pretty. Just Crash the boards lobs and screens, Dwight, otto Porter is the one needing more touches/fg attempts this season.

Dwight was solid last year, I hope he gets another solid year or 2. Hes definitely underated imo.

He’s got plenty of shooters around him, especially with Otto and Bradley. He just honestly needs room to do what he does best, rebound, and clean up the paint. Coaching staff needs to keep him level headed. And that’s where John and Bradley have to step in as the leaders of the team. Can’t let Dwight’s ego put a stranglehold on your franchise.

I already got my Dwight jersey. I’m so ready for this man to start draining 3’s.

He can’t develop “go to move” in post,not to mention free throws, when he was in his physical prime…now he wants to shoot threes.

C’mon…he’s worse than Gortat now.