Oldskool Lineup v. Newskool

so i decided to split my MT into two squads, one being composed of more modern NBA goats, and the other being a more oldschool lineup, i have just 20k in the bank, and still dont have a Center for my oldskool squad. Anyone got suggestions on who I could move to round out both squads, or any spots i could improve?

throwback lineup: http://2kmtcentral.com/18/lineups/498993/oldskool

modern lineup: http://2kmtcentral.com/18/lineups/499001/newskool

notes: these guys have these following shoes on them;

Magic: Curry Low + contract
Jordan: Dark Blue Jordans + contract
Westbrook: Dark Blue Jordans + contract
Wall: Red Kyries
Melo: White and blue defensive Jordans + contract
Jokic: Blue and Orange passing Nikes

Iā€™d say maybe McHale for Center?


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Robert Parish? More of a traditional center.

copped for 16 k

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