Old Gym Bug

Hey guys, I got an issue with the old gym.
Everytime when I enter the gym and finish a game my reputation drops from for example brown reputation to black reputation. Is this a known problem? Does anyone have a solution for this?

If you dashboarded on the teammates screen the game started and it gave you an L.

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if you lose your player status goes down. if you win and score a lot your status will go up. you can still win and have your status go down if you barely score. solution is win games and score

That’s not the problem. The problem was, even when I’m backing out with circle sometimes games are starting and your Ai is in the game. If that happens (and it happens a lot) you get a big downgrade as a punishment. So I’m not backing out anymore as a solution.
And the bar never went down for me, even if the game was horrible, winning is enough.

yeah quitting has always done this. if you back out do it when you have an option that says “exit.” anytime after will result in a loss on your record and your status going down.

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Even when there is the exit option I got downgraded a lot when there are already 3 guys in a team. I can only exit save when there is just another player with me.