(old)Galaxy Opals + Token Rewards Today!

Finally!! I think this is a good indicator that a new Opal is coming within the next couple days!

Check out @TwoBrosGaming’s Tweets: https://twitter.com/TwoBrosGaming/status/1115766798228443136?s=09

Most recent: https://twitter.com/2Kstauff/status/1117563135353925632


Just calling it for many times , GO Dirk Nowitzki AKA German Jesus


I’d be down for that :sunglasses: anything but an undersized guard


why put out a reward when you could milk your customers with a sig series

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Because dirk has an Amy on the token board that they can’t put in packs.

Whatever I’m good with wilt rn

Or Patrick Ewing


Did he say “Stay tuned”?

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Just don’t be overhyped… last time Ronnie said PD Kobe is coming and we have waited for 1.5months

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Just stay tuned and patient

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and how does 2k milk you with a reward?
in case you missed it but ppl are hoping for a sig series to rip packs for that dirk…

If they give dirk good defense it actually might be time to grind my ass off for an opal, assuming he’s gonna be in there

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And 80+ speed. He’d be a must cop

“Hmmmmm” is a good indicator ? and couple of days based on ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes the hype is real lol just last week he replied to me “stay tuned” and now he’s replying to a “Big” YouTuber with “Hmmmmm.” I’d say it’s a sign

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I pray that dirk is not a galaxy opal token reward… in order to get him, I had to finish fantasy dom and all time dom and I actually want to wait to finish theses modes until I can add a great dirk card to my team… no reason for offline dudes to get a galaxy opal reward if you literally have to finish all offline modes for him…

just let me spend 900k Mt on signature limited dirk and I’m fine

GO token Jimmy Butler



Offline and online can get him if he’s in the market