Okongwu Evo requirements

I was able to find on line that his 3 Rd evo is 5 blocks in a single game but not sure if it’s mode specific.
Does anyone know it the 5 blocks need to be in a certain mode? Thx

TTO it says on the card mate

Thx sir

No idea how you would ever do that btw.

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Probably have to match up with someone you know ngl

Is the 5 blocks the only way to EVO him?

Or is it a pathway EVO?

5 blocks or 10 dunks I think

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Hope it’s 10 dunks. That’s a little more doable

5 blocks or 10 dunks in a single game of TTO?? I don’t think that I could ever do that with that card. I am midway through grinding for Reddish, but why would they make that evo impossible?

That makes sense why he is so expensive fully evo’d. Over 200k

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just match up with someone and do it

I’m gonna need to match with someone and do it when I get to that point, but it’s hard for me to find someone on Xbox next gen and on European servers

yea might be a bit tough, you could find someone on here to help maybe.

Don’t you have to score 500 points with him as a sapphire as well?

500 pts and 20 steals before the final EVO.

He is worth every cent of MT he is going for at the moment.

I never want to see that card again.

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How were you able to get past the TTO evo?

I have yet to hear from somebody here to do it himself.

5 blocks in an Online game of 21 points. Tough in TToffline but online?! The worst.

Maybe if you are lucky af and manage the 10 dunks by PnR and fast breaks. But again you can only miss 1 dunk otherwise you failed and we all know that sometimes your player just goes for a layup. Jeez I could not imagine the pain when you manage to have 9 dunks and fall this 1 short. :scream:

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I got the 10 dunks first try. Shot the guys a message and he was cool. Still some good guys out there.

Without somebody hooking you up you can probably forget it.

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Yeah thats your best bet but you depend on somebodies good will so not in your own hands. You might play 10 games and opp might not react or dont give af.

I did the 10 dunks in ttonline option.

Call a play to spread the floor.
Press pass and hold the button, sprint to the key and then while holding the button , press shoot to do a manual alley oop.

I even had to do it with the opposition paint sitting.