Ok so I just got Iverson

Put him a diamond PG shoe for open 3. He gets 99 3 with Kerr boost. His takeover are shoot after dribble and 3pt

Guys. It’s over. He is unguardable

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I ran into him only once but the poor guy was trash and ivo got abused lol. I think the people like yourself who actually know how to play the game can do well with him.


Put iggy on him. Game.


Iggy is my SG, with diamond shoe he goes 92 SWB and 99 Ball control, 99 layup and 93 open 3

My perimeter is very hard to guard now

I believe boosting his contested 3 is more important than open.

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yeah I think this is almost always the case since coaches boost open 3 but not contested

Throw the Jordan 11’s or 12’s on him.

If I do that, I will loose the 3pt takeover

Ignore. I see you have a shoe on him!

Cause he will go to 95 3pt. And 98 layup is higher so he will get the slasher badge

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The KD 10 (contested 3+shot contest) or Jordan XXXI (driving dunk+steal) are the best options imo.

I use kd10 but Magicj has a point.

What shoe did you put on iggy?

Iverson and iggy backcourt are dope af but I sold them both for profit. You have to remember if they’re releasing cards like this early in the game just think if you’ve been saving your mt in 2 months time. Season hasn’t even started yet lol


Orange CP3

Just sell them for profit, when they are out of packs.

Why would I seem them? They are amazing!

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Will the demand and hype for iverson still be there tho? I ain’t sure

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I came to the same realization, and sold everything I could today while the prices are inflated.

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Out of packs and needed for GO card? In my opinion yes.