Ok here’s what I think happened with the renewed PD codes

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So here’s what I think happened…

So 2K did have the issue fixed with both Switch and Xbox

But for whatever reason, 2K didn’t fix PS4

Also, those who received an error message from the Pd code but managed to get a player, were able to receive a 2nd PD (However this has only worked for PS4 players)

In short, 2K screwed switch and Xbox players, this needs to be addressed

But let me add something too, why were PS4 players the only peeps that got a 2nd PD?

I’m ps4 and couldn’t redeem the code dude


Same PS4 here didn’t work for me


In saying that though, i got both codes fine the 1st time and only got an error on 1 of the xmas codes with ammy VC and the MJ packs

I got both first time too

They did not screw us . They made a mistake and over reimbursed PS4 users. That does not effect the market or how we play the game on Xbox. At this point people are being a bit greedy. They gave us all free PD’s, MT, TDH locker codes, Mt locker codes, 2 Christmas locker codes… They don’t owe us a thing but to fix these servers and improve gameplay.


Maybe i got lucky, but im on xbox and it worked for me lol.

That’s my assumption as well.

I can only speak for myself personally, but Shake and I both got two cards under the same circumstances, so I believe it may be one of (maybe not the only) way people got two.

I was error-ed out of the first code before I even got a board, proceeded to talk to support, and received a card bf they cut people off.

I think my account was never “flagged” in a way for them to be able to see I already got a card, and therefore disable the code for me.

So, when the new codes came up, they worked for me.

Well crazy enough, all of us might be getting a 2nd pink diamond

TheFreshPrince talked about this in that one big chat

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I hope so, especially for the guys who still haven’t even gotten their first one after a week.

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While people grinding and christmas noobs get more free PD

I agree, I was against it at first, but I think everyone deserves a PD (whether it’s their 1st or 2nd), after how 2K completely mismanaged this

disagree you got 2 PD we should get three just putting up with the bullshit

So you’re saying all of us deserve 3 free PD’s?

Im for everyone getting 100 PD’s putting up with this but for us who got 2 error codes… If you guys get 100 give us 200. They screwed us over royally. How do you reward everyone equally when the severity of the the fuckery varied for a many different users and we got it the worse

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I’m over the shit at this point. Even if you get one their value has dropped a TON since the initial code so we still don’t benefit the same way people who got the initial drop do.

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the pd code worked for me a 2nd time. The mt code gave me a error code the first time and said I didn’t qualify the 2nd time.

My son got an error on my but got th pd. He can’t use either this time it’s saying error code.

You can get PD code 2 times I only tried MT