Oh my... Zion Williamson looks ready. 👀

Oh my... Zion Williamson looks ready. :eyes:

His downfall was greatly exaggerated. :rofl:

Basically a drop step between the legs without a running start… what in the fuck :skull:

in b4 “cAn hE sHoOt tHoUgH”


Gonna be lit to see dude play. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

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Still overrated


Is he finally playing tonight?

Nah, my guess would be Thursday at earliest (next home game).


Why don’t you check that video of him falling asleep on the bench :joy:.


He didn’t look close to ready tonight. Poor young fella gonna have to learn moms ain’t makin him go to bed at 8 no more.

Just needs to let go of the milk and cookies before game time.

I want the kid to succeed, but there is to much hype. He’s a great athlete, but I’m just not sure he’s a great nba player.

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Ayeeeee, I’m pretty sure Glenn Robinson can do that and he’s a bench warmer on the pelicans… he’s athletic but him doing a nice dunk with no contact and not even in a scrimmage doesn’t mean he’s gonna go out there and compete with the best

Zion is dope

That is all


Idk, I actually think he’s constipated. I have the same look on my face when I’m trying push one out that he does after every play he makes.

I’m not sure anymore about Zion.
Since the beginning, I thought he was a little “fat” and heavy for the NBA… I have always felt pretty confident in Ja Morant.

I hope I am wrong, but I think we have in front of us, one of the biggest flops in the top draft picks… IMO, I don’t think Zion will last long in the NBA

Oh he’s ready


He sleepy cause he hungry

Po’ Boy


it is necessary to drive weight …

zion will poster gobert this thursday

Zion will get blocked by Gobert this thursday.

I am french so obviously defend Gobert. I just wonder about something… He is an awesome defender but of course needs to improve in offense… However, why do so many people hate him?

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I think bc he cried once :sob:

It stuck w him

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Oh yeh :joy: I forgot that so now I get it