OGxSuave's MyTeam Kick Off Tourney (PS4 and XBOX)

OGxSuave's MyTeam Kick Off Tourney (PS4 and XBOX)


My team kick off tourney who got the skills this early in the cycle?!?!? No more running we got Difficulty settings my guys!!!

Start Date:

Will start this Friday (September 20th, 2019)

Buy in:

$3 to $5 NO MT, Must pay before tourney starts (NO REFUNDS)

Every Series is best of 3
6 Rubies and Under (Evos included)
Muresan and Bradley are Banned!
Players can use any tactic within gameplay to win.

I dont want any big restrictions since this is the first tourney, We will see how it goes and in the future we will ban things if need be.

Games played window:
Each round will need to be played within 3 days Semi Finals and Finals may have an exception! If you’re not sure if you can get the games in, in the appropriate window please do not join.

Please just comment #Compete and your Console.

Lets have some fun boys kick this thing off the right way


Hope a lot sign up!

Have fun guys!!

Can people from Europe join? If so I’d play on PS4

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even off ball bro?


Of course

nah im good i dont want to play ppl who offball or spam pnr.

edit: especially since I havent not immersed myself into mt yet.

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Oop players are currently banned in game play but what about those that had previous lineups saved?

I’m down if we can get at least 10 people on the ps4 side

Lol what you think they tell you “no offball” right before the 250k tournament? Just beat it.

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We really gna use 2k the company that cant even release half the game on time without mishaps as an example? but fair enough.



@OGxSuave has deemed himself to be one of The Purveyors of 2K Honor & Dignity through his thoughtful decision making and classy standards on lineup restrictions.

The Monsters of the Middle Earth (and BYU) shall not overthrow the bounty of his fine tournament.

And with that, he is not just The Champion of 2KG… for he is also The People’s Champion as well.

Yea that would be banned I mean gameplay as in the intent 2k had

Lmao that card is just stupid bro and with drop step being botched it just doesn’t need to be here

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Yea we can try that since it’s first tourney, we can try to do like each person hosts

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I’m not too big on discrediting the skill of other people… but I have seen that card takeover games and dominate in ways that should simply NOT be possible.

It just ain’t right, lol.

#Compete PS4

I’ll be out of town til Tuesday, otherwise i’d be down @OGxSuave

it can be extended if we dont have enough peeps

Offball this year isn’t the move, let people do it they get exposed easily