OGxSuave’s Twitter Video Thread

OGxSuave’s Twitter Video Thread

Iight boys I be dying laughing at twitter videos and I usually send em to my boys and my girl to laugh with and sometimes I post em here but since y’all my homies I’ll just make a thread so I don’t keep making individual ones when I find sumn funny lmao

Look at this shit


Love funny vids so keep them coming, just hope this thread dont get taken over with stupid pointless non funny videos by others.

Hopefully not bro lmao

I’ll try to keep it PG13 as possible lmao

first one was great keep em coming

Thats awesome lol.

Destroyed him lol

He went In hard!!! Lmao

Lmao why was he mad at the original video ?

i dont remember but shits funny regardless

i think cause lsk met bron before cash did


aye cuh do yall follow extendo?

Nah who that

Gotta be one of tge funniest accounts on twitter his @ is extendobans

Fuck the jokes lmao this Dude for BUNNIES!

the ending to this shit funny

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Lol that’s former Rocket/Pelican Terrence Jones