OGxSuave s/o

Just wanted to give a shout out to @OGxSuave . He came thru for me without me even knowing him, my internet has been acting up and I was 130 pts away from PD Porzingis and I didn’t wanna risk getting more Ls due to my internet, gave him my acc info and he finished it for me. Good to see there’s people we can trust in the community even without me even knowing him!


He’s a real one for sure.

that’s a leap of faith with the blind trust but thats pretty great that he did that for you

OG lended a hand to me too about some other shit but we on different systems that’s my guy

Yea I seen him frequently on here and I’m new here but he looked like he was real and trustworthy so I hit him up and he came thru!

Preciate that bro! Just tryna help out where I can.


Clutch move OG!

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I like this OGxSuave guy