OGxSuave is the PNO Champion! Who is the number one contender?

Congrats in @OGxSuave beating @H3LLGWAR in a best of 3 series to become the first 2K Gamer H2h Champion. One of the mods give him the PNO Badge.


After i get my badged we can start talking setting up the match, if no one challenges you for the contender spot within the next 48 hrs you get the shot.


Let’s implement this lol

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Lmao nah can I atleast have my title for two days


You gotta ride around with your console or do remote play, fam. Cats don’t care if you’re in your living room or the bathroom at Kroger, you better be ready to queue up to defend that title.


@OGxSuave You got the badge so whas goodie

Who tryin play me for the number one contender? If not set this up for the championship match tonight or tomorrow or whenever u free

Ion know what kinda badge that is but I’m Boutta make a thread to find a contender if no one bites by 10 est me and you can play Friday.

Shouldn’t I be the #1 contender?

if you want to play @NYCDaFuture for the chance then by all means

I think he’s the #1 contender because he challenged me

I mean the #1 contender should be the top ranked after the champion and given I was the runner up it makes sense.

True, well @NYCDaFuture will play you then who ever wins plays me

Ill play :slight_smile:

Who ever hits up @NYCDaFuture first

@NYCDaFuture im available to play now

If I play @raptorsbenchmob now @OGxSuave and the winner gets you correct?

Yes sir

I’ll b on in 10 mins @raptorsbenchmob

I mean if hell wants to challenge he should get the chance no ?

Im ready when u are