Offline is impossible

I have played the 2005 Spurs for the spotlight challenges 6 times and list every single one. I have come within 20 one time. I’ve tried running Rik smits, Bill Walton, Rudy Gobert, and Bill laimbeer and none seem to work. I can’t make a three or get a stop on defense. The contest system is awful giving me smothered layups on tony Parker but when he shoots it over rik smits it’s wide open. This game is one of the worst offline experiences I’ve ever had.


just sprint to the rim with gus williams

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I had success with Mark Jackson/Houston/Bird/Marion/Giannis. Gus Williams/Wilkes/Kobe/Markieff Mortis/Cousins bench. I shot 88% and was losing until 2 minutes left. I don’t know how a player with average cards beats these challenges.

I had Horace Grant to start but he turned the ball over 4 straight possessions so fuck him.

how are they so hard aren’t they on pro and all star

The labels don’t mean anything. Pro domination is harder than superstar.


how is pro harder

I honestly think all star is the hardest difficulty in the game. You just have to play it to understand

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how, i only got the game yesterday and i’ll start no lifeing tomorrow ight so i’ll figure out anything but it doesn’t make sense that hof isn’t the hardest difficulty

You’re in for brick city man. Dom on Hof is rim run only.

Also be ready for those silver and gold cards to go off for absolutely no reason.


Yeah the challenge is riddled with 2K bullshit. It’s one of those games you have no chance if you’re trying to play proper basketball. This is what i did that might help you out:

  • PnR with someone like saph Simmons (try to duo with embiid).

  • Don’t even try to shoot a 3, because they won’t let you make any

  • set your defense to smother, deny, switch all and stay attached to Parker and any shooter (Manu, Bowen, Hedo). You can probs get away with letting Horry shoot as he’s not on heaps

  • offball with your center where possible, but be mindful they’ll start messing that up to, so I mixed that with on-ball to be safe

  • take time-outs and use your bench

Good luck!

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Simmons/Embiid duo is cheesy for all offline games

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TToff is Impossible to defend Unless Tony Allen , cant make a shoot , CPU camping the paint … played 3 games , forget it , just need rim running … so what’s the point ?

Domination is even more horrible (yes it’s possible) , need HoF to catch 3* W but playing real basketball will lead you a L EVERY time , need rim running like a devil … what’s the point , it i want to run i buy a Olympic games game

Challenge , mainly score 50 with a player … what’s the point of forcing All game like a Russ West …

Ok :door:

Emerald Bobby Jackson and sapphire (pre order) Dame are both killing the cpu for me, defense is a struggle but they are shooting 70% plus % all close to the basket

Cheeks and EM Token Avery Bradley have been very good defenders for me in Dom and TT.

Mo cheeks-Bobby Jackson-Dame and Zion / Shaq make quick work of the HOF Dom cpu.