Offline grind & Evo is really clouding our judgement of a cards true ability to perform under pressure online

Offline grind & Evo is really clouding our judgement of a cards true ability to perform under pressure online

I’ve played so much offline this year (as I’m sure most have) that when someone ask me about a card, or I feel the need to chime in about one, the answer I give is more than likely based majority on an opinion that was formed from about 10-12 offline games and 2-3 games of unlimited.

I played the entire 2nd and 3rd Quarter of the last Clyde drexler spotlight challenge with the following lineup.

PG: gold fat lever
SG: sapphire jim paxon
SF: sapphire kersey
PF: sapphire Nance
C: gold James Edwards

For those of you that haven’t played it, the starting lineup is like opal, Mj, magic, Lebron etc and difficulty is on superstar.

I not only maintained my 10 point lead I had going into the second quarter, but at the start of the court had built a 23-24 point lead, and funny enough, when I brought my starters back in for the 4th Q I only ended up winning the game by 13 points. Partially the loss in performance was probably the way the challenge was set up, and me coasting, but the more I think about and give advice on what cards are good or not, i have to stop and think, and we all should. Where will you be using the card? Pretty much any card in the game gold or above is usable right now and with the 250k tournament starting tomorrow, I’m wondering if the equalizer will be in play in for the qualifiers tomorrow?

Last year my best qualifier run was 4 wins in a row.

My lineup:
I only remember 3 cards from it.

Diamond MJ: a decent 12 point showing in the second half of game 4 made me want to go to him in more in game 5. Shot 1-12 with him and lost by 19.
Ruby Stephen Jackson: Avg 15-20 points every game.
Ruby Darius miles: dropped 28 in second half of my first ever win, scored over 20 every game.

Last year i played probably 5 games of domination at this point in 2k and was playing 10-12 games of unlimited every day. This year I go light up a challenge on superstar and then try and take it to unlimited and the card seems to disappear in my lineup.

I’m not sure on my lineup for tomorrow or how I plan to build my team online moving forward, but I do know my gameplan is going to be simple. Get wilt the ball in the paint, and stay in front on defense reach to contest shots.

No pressing, no reaching, and no jacking 3’s on offense. I’m going to run a mix of Budget and god squad cards tomorrow, I think it will help a little.

Good night and good luck.


Good post for newbies like me.

I am still finding new things each game, have not even touched advanced coach settings etc

I guess I am really enjoying it this year as its my first and have nothing to compare it against (past 2k myteams).

I have played every single 2k but always myplayer/career and fantasy drafts/rebulds.

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Bro, I appreciate the comment and glad my post helped. I was a newbie in 2K18 myteam. Started late in February, and loved it. I couldn’t understand why everyone was griping all the time about 2k18 I loved it. Haha!

If you ever get stuck or feel like what do I do next feel free to message me!

The plays and learning them will come, I’m just now really getting into them and it’s been almost 2 years!

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