Offline content praise for the 2K20!

I like to collect cards and stickers (panini) in real life, I guess thats why I am addicted cards collector in this game too, but also big offline grinder!

I must say, despite how awful gameplay is, offline content is the best one from the time I started playing MyTeam mode (2k15).

Since I am not a good online competitor (mainly due many pc cheaters, I dont have time and nerves to fight with them), I am hoping devs will make offline content in 2K21 like this year.

This came to me since I just saw what free squad I got (I did not include Wade and AD because they are not free, EVO Scottie also)… And it looks like this:

And now I am waiting to get some good card with tokens, I hope GOAT MJ will be in the token market soon. He will be last piece.


i love offline content this year. if i was u bench would be different but either way i agree


This is the best quality of myteam compared to the last time i played (2k15)

I think the fact you are on PC plays as well because its faster

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They broke new ground on free cards. I hope they continue it in 2k21. Players could get full Opal god squads just for grinding the game.


Yeah this is the best content year by far. These spotlight sims are a gigantic W. Hopefully they keep content like this in 2k21 and improve gameplay, if they do that it will be the best myteam ever.


My lineup and your lineup


Throw in the POTM rewards and yeah, you’ve never been able to have this good of a team without spending a penny. The only splurge I did was for GOAT Kareem


yea i’d probably run this (unless I’m forgetting someone)


I feel like they knew they had to do something with offline content this year with how terrible the gameplay is. Had to keep people interested somehow.

When the day comes that they put out a great playing game as well as good offline content and rewards, then I’ll be impressed.

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Yeah, sadly I dont have any potm but I would instantly include Dr.J and Wilt…

I am still wondering if 2k put up all those content due Corona thing or awful gameplay…

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The offline rewards were amazing man. I prefer playing the computer sometimes instead of the game exploiters and cheesers so getting these offline rewards wasn’t too bad. The Bird grind got annoying because from 80-98 it’s all Lakers, Boston and Bulls but I must say beating the wheels off of the Warriors made it all worth it.

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I’m more of playing offline as well and this is very welcoming for 2k20. You get the good stuff without spending.

these offline contents earn me a lot of money this year…

There is so much content that even if I won’t play a single online game, I still won’t have everything done in at least a year.

As a NBA2K rookie this year, offline content is what kept me coming back for more. There was so much of it to play through too. I bought some packs along the way so it’s not like the offline mode doesn’t bring in any money. Great work by the devs.

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