Official UFC Events Thread

Got tired of looking for and posting in old UFC threads, so I decided to make a new one.

UFC 250 is Tonight, and the card is pretty damn good. It’s fun to watch even if you’re not a fan because of the lack of sports on right now

Main Card:


Here’s a link to watch if you don’t have ESPN+

Who you got? And is anyone making bets?


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Garbrandts chin is gone after TJ and Munhoz cracked him so that’s def a good bet

I got Magny winning that fight but either way it’s a good bet

I got Sterling beating Sandhagen as well

O’Malley is def beating that guy lol, they need to give him real comp

I like Hooper over the other guy in that fight but it can honestly go either way

And Spencer very well could beat Nunes but I don’t think so. Nunes is well ahead of everyone in the division

All around that’s a hell of a good parlay. I might need to try that lol. The odds on Bovada are a little different but that’s damn good parlay to try and win big on. Thanks

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I use Bovada but I’m trying to avoid it because I love the blackjack :sob: Personally I think I picked too many white dudes, Cody very well may of fucked me. My YouTube feed had all his Ultimate Fighter clips and that definitely influenced me :joy:

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I’m picking mostly chalk. I’m down for some upsets and surprises tho

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I’m finna start drinking now this bouta be lit

I love the no crowd man

Also for anyone needing a link to watch:

I feel hyped watching previews all week etc. But feel like it’s better when I’m not hyped and the fights just pop up on me out of nowhere

Main event picks: O malley, Magny, Aljo, Cody and Amanda. I wanna pick my fellow Canadian but let’s be real ain’t nobody beating Amanda rn in either weight class

Man the burns’ are so exciting to watch on the ground. Usman has a tough fight ahead with Gilbert.

Aint no soccer mom math teacher gonna fuck with lioness

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Pretty good card. That Aljo sandhagen fight is gonna b crazy. Pulling for Cody and Suga too. Welcome to the Suga show!!!

Huge night for the 135 division tonight

Ay man on the feet I’m with you 100%. Problem for her is if it goes to the ground… don’t like how Nunes looked on the ground against GDR last fight. Mind you I don’t think it’ll get to the ground - early KO for Nunes

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Yup. Nunes has worked wrestling all camp. Let’s see it

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Let’s gooo

All I want is a Cody win, make me happy

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Im so glad he won, he looked great out there. My heart goes out to him and his family man

Spencer is tough as nails… she actually has a chance to shock the world.

Do I think she’s going to?


But she’s thicker than a Snickers and I like her style lol. Should be a great main event.

No Love needs this win possibly more than any other fight he’s had… if he’s serious about getting back into the title picture, this is one. Raph has been doing this for a while tho… dude is overlooked but he’s solid. I’m ready to see if Cody has gotten any smarter in the cage… like Justin Gaethje type shit, don’t get cracked as much.

Love watching the Lioness. But most looking forward to watching my guy O’Malley. Dude is electric.

Why’s Alex fighting Jesse Eisenberg