Official stupid/inappropriate team names thread

I’ve been playing some pro am and I’ve run across A LOT of these @Shinostique @jdealla

Go on pro am and you’ll get like 5 of these in an hour

Let’s see em

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This is the kind of stuff you’ll see. It’s pretty messed up


i don’t get the joke

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Epstein if I remember was a pedophile and was a very bad one at that. I don’t know the full story, but He’s basically a taboo name

Epstein Lives Matter? Fuckers didn’t even use the right meme.


This isn’t a park team name, but I just got done playing a MTU game with X-rated content littered around the entire arena. VERY explicit images.

Idk how that stuff gets through


Thanks for not sharing that in the thread

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Hate when people put NIG in their Team Abbreviation


You’d be surprised this is considered “tame” on 3v3 Pro-Am, apparently jdealla and Straightrash the other day played against a group called “Exterminate LGBTQ” with a shirt saying “We love 9 year old boys” with a dick pic on the back.

It sounds insane. 2K really needs to mod this shit pronto

Anybody who does this kind of stuff needs to be punished accordingly

And their city name was “Nic-ker”

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Even worse

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Oh yeah the guy I played also had that… like come on bruh

I haven’t seen any explicit pics on pro am YET, very surprising , but I’m sure I’ll come across one soon

The community is perpetually toxic as a whole. 2KGamer is all that is good surrounding this game.



I would have stopped playing this game a long time ago if it weren’t for 2KG. This is the only place were I’ve seen the decent people of the 2K community congregate.


When I go through stretches of not playing this game I will still check 2kg multiple times a day to see what’s going on :muscle:

this was the only team ive ever reported.

Between their shirts and their team name they managed to fit in a proposed genocide based on homophobia, a racist pun, admittance of pedophilia, and a dick pic.


I’d report the Epstein one as well