Official Locker Code Thread 7/26/2018

All discussion related to the Thursday July 26 Locker Code.

Is it finally time for Ben Simmons? Will we be getting PD MJ? Lebron? Or will ronnie dissapoint us with a Sweet Lou?

I doubt it will be MJ. Simmons is the best guess

I just hope it’s not kawhi, PG, or Tmac

if MJ is coming at all, it will be the last day guaranteed or a weekend


I think tomorrow will be another signature player but not Jordan.

Jordan will definitely end the month I feel , but I thought today would be Simmons over AD.

I think we might get a bum tomorrow. Think Dwade or Ray Allen


I’m guessing sweet lou, Simmons and b diddy will all be locker codes this month.

I hope it’s Kawhi! I’ll be late to work just to get him

sweet lou would make for an interesting day on the forums/twitter lol. ronnie would get burned at the stake

I honestly dont think I will try for any of the award winners (gob, dipo, lou), maybe harden at most

when i thought it was simmons i was ready to sleep in, but i woke up at 12.45 ET

i dont see where any of them would fit in at this point, with the good luck i had with packs yesterday my lineup is set

same, only card I’m missing is Simmons. Going to sell my stock one once we get the code and try and greab one with kyries

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this month of july has had like 15 PD drops and only 1 diamond LMAO

Idk what to do with my 97 kyrie, coz my bench is already too small and adding kyrie is recipe for disaster LMAO

but at this point would kyrie even get 10k?

I feel like it’s gonna be PG. they released AD rating yesterday and PD today for him. I think they’ll follow the same since they released PG rating today.

I just hope it’s a SF, I am one player away from a full PD 10 men rotation, I would like PD KD

I hope it’s not PD simmons… I hate going against him at the 1 lol

Just simmons or mj.
Dont care about any other cards.

SImmons tomorrow makes sense, his birthday was on 7/20, and he and ronnie seem to have a rapport (ugh), so ronnie might want to bless us all thru his acc


A lot of people on twitter think it will be Paul George because they released his 2k19 ratings today

His price is still high and 4 of the last 6 codes were players who cost over 80k so I wouldn’t be surprised if Kawhi, PG or Snake will be codes

Dropped at the 2k Spain Twitter hurry up