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Wow there is a lot to digest in here. Smart Pick and Rolls, brand new freelances, procedure based AI, and more.

Not going to lie, this blog had me like

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14 series

piston snap may be the new 5 out

Tons of options lol

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Offball is gonna be a problem on HOF


Lmao kicking the ball is op af

Lmao fantasy dom against the banana boat on HOF will be impossible with emeralds. RIP


Gonna be mad off ballers. Ima kill they asses with plays tho lol

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I can tell you right now if thats really how defense is double teams are gonna be a problem

According to the videos in the blog they fixed double teams. Russ was able to keep his dribble and pass out

Hopefully the passing out is fixed but the kicking the ball out with a double team aspect is what i really thinking about.

In 2k17 we wanted better offense and less defense we got that, then after 2k18 we wanted improved defense they improved it now the defense is op everyone is complaining wth. Tbh I wish 2k just stook with the mechanics thru 2k14-2k16…


2ks logic is if something is broken just allow them to foul (post moves, defense) lol

2k16 had it just right and the best MyTeam in my opinion


Id say 15 was better but 16 was good. We havent seen a good myteam since

This has me hyped. Can’t wait to run a Gary Payton - Kawhi - Pippen - Rodman - Hakeem clamp squad


Yeah I loved 15 there just wasn’t a lot to do. But 16 added the gauntlet and I still miss it in that exact form to this day

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Now the term “offense wins games defense wins championships” gonna be a thing in 2k :laughing:

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Im sure 2k will end up toning down these steals. Every gameplay ive seen players are getting the ball kicked out. This video shows to how bad it can get. The man can barely bring the ball up smh.