Official COD MW Hype Thread

Official COD MW Hype Thread

Pre ordered about 2 hrs ago. I legit can’t sleep I can’t wait.

I’m looking to play with some big squads tmr hopefully they allow us to have like 12+ man parties so we can go crazy on ground war. I’m looking to play with peeps on PS4 and pc as well as so if you’re gonna be Coppin Cod. Drop a like on this post and comment in the thread.

Let’s start some 2KG Cod Squads

We can have a A team, B Team, C team etc man I’m so hype can’t wait to play with you boys me and my lil bro are locked and loaded for tmr night !


I don’t play online , but I am sure Spec ops needs co op , so I will definitely look for a partner here !

Getting it for Xbox too ? @OGxSuave

Yes sir I got I on Xbox but with Cross play we should all be able to have some fun

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Ya I’ll probs be buying it

I’m hyped. Haven’t bought a CoD since Bo3 but I played this beta and it felt great. I’ll be on tonight

My body is ready

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Anyone on Ps4 getting it?


Don’t matter fam cross play


It should be available at 9:30 tonight

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People on twitter are saying the switch to New Zealand time zone glitch works to play on XB1. Guys already running games

9pm eastern tonight, I’m excited to step back out of the world of sports gaming for a bit.

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Probably getting it on XB1. Still enjoying BLOPS4 though!

Will a lot of those players leave BLOPS behind for MW?

Happens every year only on rare occasional do the old game hold a community. i.e(MW2 and Black Ops 2)

can’t wait.

Yes lol

I’ll be putting the tip in this evening

Yesssss sirrrr

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I’m gonna give it some time and if it’s still hyped after a couple weeks im going to have to scoop up a copy. Especially if there’s a deal on Black Friday

Played the 2v2 alpha tho and LOVED it

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This is gonna be sick, didn’t know it was cross platform