Official 2K20 Achievement List

Official List just came out:

Looks like a very easy 49/50. May need to create 2 MyCareer Players to get some of those achievements. Only hard one is the GOAT collector…

2k usually a fairly annoying game to complete as you need to essentially play every game mode

Yeah. I completed 2K19 but it was a grind haha

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Edited the original post with the actual official list. I believe they were the same.

Wow, this does seem pretty easy compared to previous years.

By like, a metric fuckton.


Yeah no Play Now Online Achievements (skill based)
No MyGM achievements for those that don’t like the mode.
No Pro-Am achievement (skill based)
No MyTeam Undefeated Achievement (Skill based)

Just what I remember off the top of my head compared from this year to last year. I really like the easier list, but I’d definitely prefer 1-2 skill based instead of collecting all those cards.

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“Dishwasher” that’s tuff 2k that’s really tuff

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