Official 2019 summer free agency thread

lakers just traded away 3 pieces and now have enough for a max. And now kemba might be heading to boston. things are heating up!:fire::fire::fire:

It’ll be very interesting. I’ll be working that day and its Canada Day for me so I’ll be celebrating that too I guess. I will be watching the Free Agency that day as well though mostly lol while at work. Hoping Kawhi stays in Toronto, and that the Nets or Knicks get Kyrie and/or KD…

Durant sold his home in Oakland…

That’s his Malibu home. He’s been living in SF the past year, but he’s been in New York since his surgery.

ya malibu is in socal

Yeah. Malibu is in Oakland :joy::joy:


i didnt read it, just saw that he sold his home…hehe