Official 2019 NBA Free Agency Thread

In just less than 12 hours, some of the biggest NBA stars will be announcing their new teams (or even their current teams) as suitors for the next 4-5 years.

Here are the deals that are known to be happening as soon as today:

  • Kyrie Irving & Brooklyn Nets (4 years/$141M)

  • Kemba Walker & Boston Celtics (4 years/$141M)

  • Klay Thompson & Golden State Warriors (5 years/$190M)

  • Kristaps Porzingis & Dallas Mavericks (5 years/$158M)

  • Nikola Vucevic & Orlando Magic (4 years/$100M)

  • Harrison Barnes & Sacramento Kings (4

  • Khris Middleton & Milwaukee Bucks (5 years/$178 Million)

  • Jonas Valanciunas & Memphis Grizzlies (3 years/$45 million)

  • Brook Lopez & Milwaukee Bucks (4 years/$52 million)

  • Kevin Durant & Brooklyn Nets (4 years/$164 million)

  • Rudy Gay & San Antonio Spurs (2 years/$32 million)

  • Terry Rozier & Charlotte Hornets (3 years/$58 million)

We are all waiting for the rest of the big names to be announced but it surely will be an exciting free agency week. Looking forward to discussing with you guys!

I’ll update the FA list as we get official news!

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I am really hoping that Divac won’t sign Barnes

Totally agree - I thought he would sign for a cheaper deal but that’s quite a haul

Bro are those legit??

You forgot Khris Middleton 190 Million w/ Bucks.

It’s expected that those deals will happen bro. Legit per trusted reporters like Marc Stein

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Thanks dawg - will update

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He stay

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Harrison Barnes opted out to save the Kings money… what a dude… always has a place in my heart and he is the player I think of when I hear 73-9 and 24-0. Good Luck to The Black Falcon

Kent Bazemore tho :laughing:


Nice!! Thanks :innocent:

I’m curious about Macolm Broggy

I hope the celtics can somehow move gordon hayward in a 3 way trade with houston and philly. Celts get capela, philly does it in hopes of hayward returning to all star form.

We’d most likely have to lose smart and jaylen. Hope it doesnt come to jaylen going but i really want tatum to spread his wings with kemba and a tatum/kemba/capela squad could be tasty.

Why would Philly do this though?

Its a prayer on my end that they see hope and potential in hayward that he can return to old form, and theyd get smart and whoever else.

Philly is looking to max out Harris, getting Hayward and Smart would make their payroll fucking huge lol.

Al Horford Update:

Would be wild if this is true

Tough call for them.
Harris is a good player and a great fit on their team, but I don’t think he’s worth the max. And he’s really inconsistent.

Unless Simmons becomes at least a mid-range shooter, he’ll be a detriment to the team on offense, no other way around it.
He’s not a good fit with Embiid and you wanna have Embiid inside the paint at all times, not camping on 3pt line.

In other news, Jazz is making some serious moves.
They’re heavily linked with Bogdanovic and could offer him a deal in 16-20mil range.
With him and Conley they’d be a legit contender for top seeds.

Kings just dug themselves out of the hole and now they’ll give Barnes 90mil and are offering Horford 100mil deal? ffs

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Kemba, Tatum, Brown, Horford? That team is a huge threat in the East. Maybe even a contender.

45/3 for JV in Memhpis, good deal for both sides.


Reports are that Jimmy wants to go to the Heat.
Would have to be a S&T.

If Sixers could get Winslow+Richardson, that would be amazing for them.