Offense and defense suggestions

Okay so I normally run bucks free lance with mostly pnr and pnf gameplay. I’m wondering how I can get my players to stay on the perimeter like a standard 5 out offense when I drive. Some games they will and others they just cut to the paint and stand there and make me either have to burn a timeout or chuck a bad shot. And on defense, how do I get my guys to not switch and stay on their man? I have settings to smother and tight and no help on drives, yet my guys still collapse and give free lanes constantly. Any help is appreciated thanks!

Go into coaching sliders and move the help defense slider to 0, it should help some but it’s still not perfect. As for offense, the only way I know how to trigger 5 out spacing without calling a play from a playbook is to use the “pass and screen away” quick play while running the Hawks 2018 freelance. Just call it and don’t pass the ball.

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Like I’m so used to running drive and kick now from last year and the ai is so dumb that when you do anything that isn’t pnr they just don’t know what to do

A lot of opponents purposely sag off in order to make guys cut and try to bait your passes. It’s bad coding that’s been in the game for years now. Hopefully it’s fixed for 2K21.

@SuperNova On Defense click Stay Home.

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^^ this the one

Also, on defense, you gotta be quick with the sticks tho, if someone blows by you on pick and roll, you control the help and make him contest and compeletly switch to the driving player, and then switch to YOUR defender that lost the original opponent and position him to contest the corner/ wing guy that is now left open, if you do it fast enough you should be able to get there in time to contest a 3 or position yourself to be in a good defensive situation … this is how I play defense at least with all the d wades and t macs driving in

Most time these online peeps only want to shoot 3s even tho middys and floaters are open, so they always drive and kick aimlessly so you can easily get steals from the kick