Offballing still reigning on my team

Since AI defense has improved significantly, it seems much harder playing against those mofo offballers, who keep controlling only the center inside the paint!

Any good advice to beat this kind of player ?

Playcalling, pnr, look for mismatches in the paint etc.
If they aint that good just call screens for that center or post up him.
Thats the easier path, of course u can learn some dribble combos that works against the cpu to get open.


If you aren’t controlling all 5 guys you aren’t really playing defense. Off ball is better than it has ever been because FINALLY we have smart defensive AI. They do what you tell them to do.

I’m still lobbing the game but dribbling is the best way to beat the initial off ball defender. Not many cards have good sigs yet but they will come.


I think plays and freelance choice are way way more important now than before

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There are two ways to kill off-ballers:

  1. Call an ISO and cheese the AI with dribble moves or post moves.

  2. Run money plays that will always get open against the AI and can’t be stopped unless the user clicks onto the nearest defender and shuts down the play manually.

Once you master either of those tactics, off-ballers will stand no chance of stopping your offense.


Especially early in the cycle. Also a lot of cards don’t even have Bronze QFS.

People off ball to control an entire team ,
Plays are very easy to predict on unlimited specially now with this steals , sweet spot will stop great part of the plays specially switching all

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Just call screens or play in post. You could learn some 3 point plays too. And off ball back. No sense in on balling anymore 100% of the time.

tons of draft games where people do this… i just try to score off leakouts and fast breaks.

i’ll call a pnr and use back cuts a lot too. they’ll drag corners to the middle leaving shooters.

(mind you i’ve had a 10-2, and 2 10-1 runs 😮‍💨)

yeah off ball is strong but I really have to pay attention to corners coming to help on drives especially against people who can shoot. My one complaint is defenders help for no reason or over rotate sometimes.

Always knew people were gonna offball. Those people were just blaming 2k for no reason

Not even any reason to offball defence is so damn easy this year just wait till a good kawhi or pippin comes out and they’re guarding your pg

defense in general is wayyyy more effective this year than years past (big positive) but i honestly think on balling is more effective, especially with a taller defender. i get on ball tipped passes and a ton of bumps even with statistically bad defenders

Shaq lol. My Shaq is averaging 35 a game right now on center off ballers


If they do drop coverage. Call empty side pick and pops and shoot mid rangers all day

This is a fire thread, One thing id like to add is also slow down. Don’t allow the off ball defender to speed you up by throwing different stuff at you. Play your game, make the reads and let the game flow. Those guys who are mastering reading the defense as off ball players are super skilled right now. So you can’t let them fluster you and get you out your game.


i played a lot past days and i can say:

TT online, most of players do offball defense with their big man, inside paint, hoping your big cant score outside.
here this works if your big men is like Ben Wallace or similar, because CPU perimeter defense is very quickly

5v5 online, here a lot of players tried to defense offball with their Centers, but… here is much more difficult because there are screens on the weak side, backdoors cuts instead only pickandroll…
with patience is easy to get an open shot or get advantage of their bigs that are usually disconnected from the action movement

pedro, 9 of 10 players that i faced and they did offballing , they only controlled Center (or PF).

On that Case , off ball is easy to beat anyways

but isn’t funny!!!

i play for fun and if i can win is better for sure.