Offballing in TTO

I thought offballing in TTO was reserved for the biggest losers, but no, it has become the new standard. Today I played someone with Worthy and J.R. and he still had no balls to play defense. It doesn’t upset me anymore, but why do those people even ‘play’?


I love when people offball in TTO. It is guaranteed points. Just call cut to the basket for a player they are defending on ball. No chance for them to stop it.


Some players are pretty good at off ball and keep switching their players because it’s an automatic interception if you cut a player that has a computer defender.

They keep switching so that they never guard the ball :hatched_chick:


Give the ball to the biggest player and then use side screen on the iso side of the court. Easy dunk (bigs mostly cannot fight through screens) or open shot with a freed player after the computer D collapses on the ballhandler.

People have to on ball me in TTO lmao. I use Kiki and just hide/zig zag behind screens when they off ball. I’m almost at 21 everytime before they can get to 10

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I do off ball because I feel like the lags make guys not responsive to my commands and movements.


Off ball me in tto and ur getting the business. Im bombing limitless 3s behinds screens untill u wanna actually PLAY the game u paid for :joy::joy:


Off-balls on pick&rolls/fade is very effective. If I see my oponent off-ball a 1vs1 defense, post up with Hakeem and automatic win.

I off ball with the hedge defender to shut down THAT cheese :joy:

I always wonder what if 2kg members play against each other cause most of these guys talking like they are winning 98% of them games :joy:


Dont do it in the first place and we can have a straight up game. Id rather do it that way :joy::joy:

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Less than 2% of 2k gamers are active on 2kg, I am pretty sure. So the math works.

If you’re referring to people who solely offball then I agree with you but you have to off ball to stop that idiotic AI help defender charging towards the rim at the merest hint of a blow by.

You need a mixture of both to shut down cheese. It’s not easy to do.

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Facts :joy:

It is annoying. They should do coach settings for TTO as well.


Speaking of which I did play a guy with 2kgamer as the team logo the other day, and that game is quite competitive.

Back to the topic yea a mix of on and off ball is the way to go for me.

That is exactly what im talking abt. I dont off ball @ all. Even when my opponent does. Im simply saying if you do im gonna exploit it. Switching to hedge or even switching to stop a play you see coming is all good. Like what u were saying. Thats IQ in my opinion. Im talking the guys who will switch off to purposely not have to guard the ball handler. I cant fuck w that. Anything else is fair game. Like i said i got the game to play. Not let the cpu play for me.


Also shoutout to a hardcore cheeser juve19841988 on PS4. Dude has been cheesing since 2k17. Always the most expensive players and abusing all possible game flaws. I keep running into him all the time on the European server- do you guys know him?

Thats me!!! Take your L!

Lol JK. Honestly off balling in tto is kinda crazy. I played a dude a few days ago who had Wilt, Worthy, AND Kobe and he off balled the whole game and still took an L. (I’m horrible i still dont know how i managed to win)