Offball Threat is a joke

What is with these lame ass [language] ALL offballing? 7/10 games is people offballing with lockdown defenders. It’s become such a joke. I just played a guy his team name was BigDefense more like BigOffball. He offballed the entire game, literally was hiding in the corner and he had lockdown defenders. Smfh


I can’t still beat them, but it is boring playing against the computer all the time.

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Love the guys that play extreme offball non active defense then do a bunch of dribble moves like they are Gods and instantly starting launching threes behind screens.


Easy way to beat those guys, just run pick and roll, if he dont on ball its 3.

Other way is to spam momentum and get an ankle breaker and shoot 3 ( would be open )

other way is to sit on the post, ask for a screen on the guy he is defending , the guy s’gonna cut to the basket you pass the ball easy 2

Do cpu defenders still go under the screen everytime? Should be easy dubs

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I’m starting to love it. Starter using pd Giannis, Magic, and Pippen these dude eat off ballers.

Pick and fire is an automatic three. Y cut the guy they are standing next to for a free basket. Some guys know the cut is coming and switch defenders though.

yes, decent player just switch to make te guy go up the screen

I do too but the Ls I get here and there are these bitches playing lockdown defense AI Magic ripping me, getting pass perception steals on guys they aren’t even controlling. The AI should not rip you if you aren’t controlling them. You gotta be punished for playing this lazy ass non existent defense.

If you play in Asia Servers , you’ll find it 95/100 are offballers , sometimes offball is a better option but onball D is more skillful and funny to me :sunglasses:

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Yup it’s an automatic three. Some guys play offball until you call for a screen. They also know to switch off ball defenders when you call for a cut. Those bastards are annoying.

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I love playing those offball bums, hedo with gold limitless, and just doing stepback 2k15 behind back combo until you get slightly open equals green all the time. Doesn’t matter if cpu there, they don’t contest shots or it don’t equal to a contest so it’s a open shot all the time. That force people to have to guard me then I cook them even more with the dribble moves with hedo.

Just make sure you have a player you can post spin with or post fade with and abuse the fuck outta that

These are the bitches I’m talking about and like I said I still beat them most of the time but here and there ill drop a game to them. It’s the most annoying shit ever losing to a **** who’s playing one side of the ball and doing nothing on that end.

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When they switch to manually go over, the roller usually always gets the step so just throw it to him

This game makes me hate other humans”offballers”…I should probably stop playing for that reason alone.


Let that hate go. This thread is a joke and the fact that people are actually replying to your whining and calling another user multiple “expletives” because he doesn’t play the way you think he should makes no sense.


run tall dudes who can post up and hit three. if they offball you post the mismatch or pick cheese

People who offball are bums, but it’s ok to do unrealistic zig zag step back 3s with Hedo all game? Most likely in a 5 out format. If I see Hedo playing point guard or primary ball handler I’d probably off ball him too.


That is actually a scenario where I wouldn’t blame people for playing off ball. It’s BS how Hedo can just run sideways and hit half court threes.

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