Offball Cheese

I’m sorry but if you switch ur defensive settings and proceed to off ball cheese the rest of the game u have no skills at 2k and can SMD frfr

Edit: obviously it should be a mix of on ball n off ball, baiting, and switching, but if u switch off me every single time, ur probably soft in life too :joy::joy:


do you know how to beat offballer more easliy?

i try to make multiples pass but most of them seems to be expert offballer

I’m sorry, but if 2k would fix their laggy servers and not have it feel like you’re skating on ice, then more people would on-ball more often.

I hate it too, but I completely understand it.


I will NEVER on ball in any 2k unless it feels as responsive online as it does offline.


No skills and you can …

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But you can handle offense, can’t you?

Guess Tydebo and every other comp player isn’t skilled.

He’s only 600-2 in MTU but what do I know :man_shrugging:

Maybe I should start on balling lmao Ty got it all wrong.


I seen ty play, he ain’t off ball cheese don’t try that

Fuck off ball defence. Play the damn game.


That’s funny because I think if you don’t know how to beat an offball defense after all this time then you have very minimal skills at the game at best.

And this is coming from someone that switches between on/off ball every possession


Y am I forced to play the same 4 plays every fkn game against one of the fools is my problem

Bruh Ty is the biggest off ball cheeser in 2k. Lmao


Let everyone play how they want . If you don’t like it just play game mode where it is mandatory you pick up your opponent man to man , such as park of pro am


I seen this but that’s switching and baiting, I’m talking u literally switch off me every possession

This this this.

I swear to god I don’t even notice if they are on ball or off ball. I play the same way. It has zero effect on my game plan.



Use the guy in your avatar. Off ball doesn’t matter.

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I don’t even care this year if people offball

If you onball this year you’re just asking to get cooked

Unless you’re bouta fund me the 2+million I paid for my team you best sit down and let me play how I want


See, this is what is making me enjoy 2K more this year than in the past.

The last few years it was always “oh youre a off baller” and “oh youre just good because you do x,y,z”

Now thanks to people like Ty there isnt unwritten rules of how you have to play the game. It is just win by any means, hate the game not the player, and that is the way it should be.


FRFR…He promotes it dude…wtf this guy talking about :joy::joy:

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