Off topic - 2kGamer is the best forum layout I've ever seen

Random, but can’t stop thinking about it.

I started playing 2k19 2-3 months ago (Played past 2ks very heavily) and came across 2kgamer.

Let me just say I’m blown away by how well this forum style layout works. I’ve never seen a more competent layout (both on mobile, and PC).

I love how I can open a thread and there’s a slider on the bottom that I can scroll to the end, middle, or beginning easily. I love how I can click the 2k logo at the top for a refresh and everything is in one place and I can see the most recent thread.

I’m comparing the layout to sites like reddit (awful), or those old style type of forums like the 2kmtc forum. 2kgamer is MILES ahead in terms of user friendliness. Kudos to whoever designed this or if it’s a template, it’s the best one I’ve ever seen.


Theres also helpful little stuff like limiting title posts if they are too similar to previous ones, and it even provides a link to it.

The badges and achievements are kinda sweet too.

Best forum coding I’ve seen for sure. IDK what they use but its quality of life stuff is crazy.

The only complaint I have is sometimes my gifs take up too much space to upload. Smh my gif game is A1


I need to screenshot a photo that was taken by my phone (1,024KB limit).

Other than that, the forum is great :innocent:


I disagree. Its a very good game but I think Donky Kong is the best game ever.

But yes 2kgamer is awesome. Love the site, love the people. LOVE HEDOS NEW SHOT.




i love it.

just copy the gif address and put it here

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yep, im interneting since 1993, and thats for real the best forum software ive seen. sure, in the 90ies it was crap :smiley:

but its really top. especially when you take a look on your mobile
im reading here alot and often with my mobile



Because it’s not a cheap script :nerd_face:

I enjoy the dark view so i can spy on my 2 month old without waking her up with bright lights

I agree, easily the best forum layout and functionality I’ve ever seen.

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I could never understand how ppl use reddit, I found this first and compared to Reddit, it’s so much better

I use 2kgamer more then anything else on my phone other then YouTube

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Reddit is great but their 2k forum is full of softcore players. At least here there’s a way better chance on this site that opinions on 2k are educated ones.

At first it was weird for me, because I was used to 2kmtcentral forums. But I quickly got used to it and it is a lot better

Agreed this has quickly become one of my favorite sites. I used to have Reddit open at work all day to read stuff when I wasn’t doing anything. I now have reddit and 2kgamer open all day as my go to pages to read when I don’t have anything to do.

I tend to agree that it’s the best layout/most accessible forum I’ve been on. Funny part is I just visited the T Nation forum for the first time in several years and the forum layout, specifically individual thread displays are the exact same. So it must be a template but an excellent one indeed

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I said it before in that long ass New Year post I made, but it bears repeating that @2Kgamer has really done a bang-up job setting up and administering the forum. There’s a ton of background work that goes on and other mods maybe make suggestions or provide input but he ultimately handles all the nitty gritty.

Also, on GIFs: it’s true…best to post a direct think rather than upload entire GIF. Really good GIFs are basically video and massive. I don’t know of any other highly trafficked board that allows even as much as what’s allowed here, in terms of size, or animated GIFs in general. When you link rather than upload it helps a lot to not keep blowing up storage and throughput allowances, which costs money.

I love Reddit. Hardly look at the nba2k sub any more, but love it for other stuff. For what we do here, our forum structure is just way, way better for having involved conversations between a bunch of people that can span a bunch of days.

Reddit isn’t set up to facilitate that. But is also, by it’s nature, set up so that conflict is more compartmentalized and pretty easy to ignore. So that’s why we have tighter controls over content, language, etc.

And we hope that people realize the point isn’t to censor or exercise “power” for their own sake, but to keep this place as great as it is.

Really, it’s not even about the forum design. This is ultimately a great place because of all the members and the energy and thought that so many put into great discussion and camaraderie.