Off dribble 3 vs open shot 3

Do 2k really consider the difference! I’ve seen many centers dribbling and pulling up for three knocking down with 60 rated off dribble…

Am I missing something?


Don’t even get me started on this bullshit. Ginobili is the unrivaled master of the last second bailout Hail Mary fade away fall away three that always goes in.


Do ratings even matter anymore? It seems like jumpshot timing is the only factor


It’s ridiculous! Lol

Yup especially when I see PD Giannis looking like Reggie Miller every time I play him


Manu anytime I pass him the ball and he’s moving and goes into his non set shot makes the open three…

Manu sucks if you guys are complaining about Manu giving you a problem I can only imagine what Magic Klay and Giannis do to you. Check the stats

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I got iverson with off the dribble diamond shoe and imagined he would make some with a 95 rating he didn’t make a single fading three lol

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If you are taking to me, I just said that he has a 99 bullshit shot going in tendency, not that he’s giving me problems.

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I don’t play much TTO, but when i do… i often face someone running D Kyrie and all they do is jack fade away 3s, usually hitting 60% or so…it’s whack…

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Manu is the second best pg to use in the game(after kirilenko), better than Magic. while Magic shrink the floor Manu spread it

If you’re including people who actually play PG I’d say he’s top. Otherwise he’s a ways down the list imo behind a quite a few diamonds

I don’t know who needs to hear this but the off dribble rating is not literal. You can dribble into a shot with anybody, and as long as their feet are set before the shot it’s a standard open shot 3 depending on coverage. The off dribble rating only pertains to those fading threes.


Okay that is what I was trying to decipher! Thanks for that

I hit a spinning fadeaway 3 with kemp a week ago. Was funny as hell.

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