Off ball D is rough to play against

Haha I’m sorry but it’s true. Especially the ones that are good enough at the game to know to manually fight through a screen and know to switch their off ball defenders constantly to avoid getting beat on a cut.

If you know the game that well play on ball D like a man.


In b4 the shitstorm.

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Oh man…



This is when I post up all day. #PostFade

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Off ball is for the people who value the most meaningless of wins over actually enjoying the game


The worst types are the ones when you kick it to the man being guarded by the user, and they switch off of them.


Perfectly said…that is how I’ve always felt but didn’t know how to say it so I went with losers.

I also enjoy trolling off ball players.

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There are easy ways to stop off ballers though. Run plays and call for cuts when they’re ball watching.

When they do that I just keep swinging it to the guy that they are gaurding trying to egg them into actually playing d

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Thats what you get for zig zagging behind screens


In the process of changing internet companies and while I wait for them to hook up my internet on the 11th. I’ve been playing Myteam from My sprint iphone’s hot spot. Only getting 1.5 Mbps. It’s a laggy mess.

Off balling is soo op. I managed to clear the entire TTO Board by Posting up with Worthy at point guard and offballing each person I played. I was beating 22-4 etc. literally didn’t know that off ball locks up people more than actual defense. I’ve always played on ball, but off ball stops everything. People would try to zig zag and get stopped dead lol


Welcome to the Mobile Hot Spot Gaming :smile:

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Refer back to Gobles quote.

Off Ball D is worse than anything someone does on offense.

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If you live in a popular area the xfinity hotspots can be the move… as long as you know somebody with a login

It sucks. You were able to go 12-0 in MTU on a hotspot. You might be the Goat. I had to really get used to everything being so behind and laggy. I’ve been grinding challenges and triple threat offline and just decided to try a little online and I dominated everyone by simply playing offball defense and posting up every possession.

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This. Sometimes have to offball due to lag which sucks, but it is what it is

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Nah no infinity in New Orleans. We only have 2 internet companies ATT and Cox, both are overpriced and not really that fast.