Off ball and pick spams

That’s all this game mode is. Every single opponent I’ve faced up to this point so far this month (9 games) have ALL off ball pick and roll spammed every single possession. Why do we do this? Why do we play this?

You gotta force them to play defense run plays or attack who they off balling with. The best defense in the game is a switch all defense (that’s the meta in real life too) build a lineup for that. You’ll be alright bro don’t trip too hard.

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They’re off balling with a total irrelevant player, literally just sitting there watching their team lock me up. I run plays but I miss a lot of open shots. I can not stop the pick and roll spams, my AI’s are so god damn stupid that they run around like chickens man. This mode is so bs

Call a pick from that guy who is off balling. Make him make decisions with that guy he is controlling. Also post up dude. U can post up comps and get baskets if u get good at the post game. Off ball doesnt help them at all then.


The open shots can be annoying, but they are open shots as long as it ain’t all 3s they will fall. As far as the AI it happens they fuck up. Also don’t have too many people on smother and deny. I would have to know your settings to really try to guess why they’re playing super dumb.

I love going against guys who just pick and roll/fade all game. So easy to lock up.

Just set your On Ball Screen Settings to catch hedge and watch for the Fade. Like Raptors said, if they offball then just post up. Or use a freelance that spreads the floor and make them pay for leaving their man open if they try to jump a play.

I’m not playing around on defense this year. Locking everything up.

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