Odom day?

Okay so we are all pretty convinced Kobe sigs is dropping in a couple of days. With that we’ll get 2-3 players right?

Now I understand they won’t necessarily be Lakers players, but from memory there’s usually at least one other from the franchise yeah?

What if 2K surprise us with a diamond Odom?

I know he hasn’t been in the game for a while, and he’s not on the all-time teams, but neither were Hedo and Gilbert. The latter was hinted before game release but Hedo wasn’t. I don’t think Artest is in the game this year, and diamond Pau is already out, so if they want to give Kobe a championship team buddy, Odom makes a fuckload of sense.

Kobe packs will make 2K an insane amount of money as is, but an Odom would be very Giannis-esque and get people ripping at an even more ridic rate.

What do you guys think? Possible or am i dreaming big time?

If not Odom :crossed_fingers: for a diamond Adam Morrison…

EDIT: I have been informed by my peers that sig cards don’t come with friends. Though thoughts on us getting an Odom at some stage anyway?

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I don’t think other players come with signature players. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure Sig Drops are naked without any company

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Oh shit you guys are right. I was thinking tb elites :pensive:

Okay well that’s a horrible prediction then… Pls disregard

Don’t get me wrong though, I’d love a TB Odom.
Artest or Bynum would get me even more excited tbh


Hedo is only in the game so basketball heads think of him fondly while he tries to lure Enes Kanter to his literal death.

(Yes I will post something similar to this in every thread he’s mentioned in that I read, because Hedo is in league with a monster and that shouldn’t be forgotten.)


We need an Odom card regardless


Yeah I’m hoping they have signed him up, and seeing it can’t be in sig packs, he could end up in a promo. Either way seems like easy money for 2K

2k has its audience so trained now that they could release a Diamond Sasha Vujacic with Base 11 and people would rip packs by the box load.


Yeah so true. You know that Odom would get the 11 too. All these guys are already looking the same

Did Mikan get 11?

Odom would be crack.


I only recently read about the situation Kanter is in. I sincerely hope that Interpol don’t grant Turkey the warrent they seek and if for some reason Interpol does, i hope that the US & Canada tell them to jump.

Edit: sorry for the hijack @dna2K


I think i read somewhere that he didn’t get base 11 but its only a fraction slower then 11, still super fast though

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@OzzyMamba you can’t hijack a thread that already makes no sense haha


Well Odom was on crack and this thread would make sense to a crack head, so i say it’s perfect!

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Any chances for a 100 token locker code? :rofl:

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Hahaha I would cry if I will get 1000 MT and not that 1000 Tokens.

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I was quite disappointed with the 1600mt I got today haha

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A juiced Odom with a good 3 and quick release would be super OP this year, and seems exactly like something 2k will do.

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