Odds of a 98 Mitchell (should he not win ROTY)?

What are the odds that 2K drops a 98 overall Donovan Mitchell card? This would only happen if he doesn’t win ROTY (in that case, he’d probably get a PD), but him not winning is still a possibility.

I’d expect HoF Limitless, Deep Range Deadeye, Catch & Shoot, Difficult Shots, and Defensive Stopper to be added.

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It’ll be Simmons and he’ll be trash in a few years like that other tall PG who won ROY in Philly

My man just compared Simmons to what was that dudes name… ahhh sheesh, this is hard. Oh yeah, Michael Carter-Williams! Man he fell into the cracks.

Haha, he had a fantastic rookie year and then just disappeared, pretty sure he is sitting on the end of the hornets bench rn. He seemingly lost all his talent, he does have a serviceable 3 ball now though (by serviceable I mean 30% +)

I’ll take the troll bait…

Yeah because Simmons is totally an average athlete that’s an inefficient scorer and below average defender. Oh wait he isn’t. The only gaps in his game are his low post ability, off-ball offense and shooting. He may not be a god but he sure already has a skill set and the athleticism that says he won’t be one of the worst backup point guards in basketball in 4 years. Or maybe you’re right and the Monstars will take away all ability from him.

Its not a surprise that the 76ers played better with a traditonal PG McConnell

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For 10 minutes in one game. Find a new slant.

Its a shooters league. Simmons is very easy to defend.

Honestly, if we look at all the year, playoff included, I wouldn’t know who to vote for

Simmons had a very good regular season, Mitchell’s one was good, Tatum was ‘rookie average’

And then in playoff, Simmons was ‘rookie level’, Mitchell was good, and Tatum was incredible

So it’s really hard for me

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I was thinking about something like that earlier OP. Here was my possible, unlikely prediction because 2K is lazy take:

  • Whoever wins ROTY gets a PD.
  • Whoever doesn’t, gets a duo (compensation).

If Simmons doesn’t win, he could just get a duo w/ Embiid to make him a PD.

If Mitchell doesn’t win, he could get a duo w/ Rudy Gobert (if he wins DPOY or they drop him in the TBs).

I honestly think Tatum will have the best career out of the 3. Anyone agree?


Okay bro I’m done you’re just going to keep moving the goalposts. :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

I don’t know man really. Tatum was just looking like a superstar.

But C’mon I can’t forget what Donovan Mitchell did all season long. He became the superstar of his team in 1 season, who does this?

Someone cant handle the truth. You sag off Simmons cuz he cant shoot, making defending the drive and picking off passes easier. When hes off the ball and Embiid is posting, you use Simmons defender to double. Celtics did that all series.

I think the only way for Simmons to be really unstoppable now is to have a correct shoot. Mid and 3. Until then, everyone will know how to defend him and how to stop him

thats why he is putting up 16 point and 8 assists per game, because he is so easy to defend

If tatum had the keys like Simmons and Mitchell then he would be ROY. He balled out on a balanced system with many weapons above him but he still managed to show how good he was. The man was the most efficient 3 pt shooter for a very good stretch during the regular season.


He’s more NBA ready than both of them, his playoff performance and growth over the season showed that, but I feel like it’s still too early.

He was given the reigns to the team though. No one can handle the ball and create offense on that team besides Rubio (as a passer)

Tatum played in a system, and excelled. Not a knock on him or Mitchell.

@Nay agreed.

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Giannis is similar to Simmons but he has a good mid range shot and isnt afraid to take them so defense needs to be honest