Obtaining 98 Durant

Where do you think he will settle and could I sell two players from this team to obtain him?

Every player besides D Rob has a diamond contract.

Low-Mid 300’s. Probably Kobe or Tmac

Never mind. Not worth it then lol. I noticed around 300ish today but many more on the block with PD KD available

I’d trade pierce in and get Kawhi.

Both Mcgrady and Kobe have a diamond defense/pass shoe and a contract

Pierce has 3 point plays. Kawhi doesn’t. I would add him outside of that but Pierce adds another layer to my teams plays. I wish he had 3pt plays or that move would have already been made

Get 96 KD. He’s great.

I’m strongly considering it. Unless they pull the trigger on another wade and Bron duo, wade is a 90-100k utility player since he has a diamond contract

I had 96 KD with a defensive shoe. He was great.

What does his card go for with a contract? I’m spoiled when it comes to not having to pay for contracts

200, nothing more most likely. You could probably get him with a shoe/contract for just around there.

Ok so essentially I could sell Pierce and Wade for a decked out KD. That may be the way to go. It’s not like they weren’t incredible players but I like to try new players and Amy KD was a beast for me when he was relevant. It was simply the fact that Kawhi didn’t have the plays for my playbook like pierce. Durant does so he would be a decent swap

I own 98 Durant and also pulled 96 durant a week ago,get the 96,they are literally the same

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Drae is right

Yea I know it’s a marginal stat difference with same badging. I guess I wanted 98 Durant in case I chased Hakeem

If your getting Hakeem then get the 98,the rest of the set will cost you 100-140K,but the problem is you already have 2 good Centers

I know I’m fucking greedy lol. If I make any move it prob will be for 96 Durant and even then it’s truly not necessary. Pierce is 97 with max defensive stats and a diamond contract. KD will be nice and all but both lack HOF defensive badging. Shit i just compared them and what always staggers me is pierce has a 95 strength lol. He has 131 more attributes too and that’s without the shoe. I need to be content lol

Stats are not everything,His strength is not a problem at all for me,and KD is 2 inches taller

I’ll agree with the height but the differences in defensive stats which are anywhere from 2-8 and a 40 pt strength differential has to count for something

98 KD got nerfed w the release of PD Durant. Don’t get any Durant