Oblique_crop, what a funny boy

Oblique_crop, what a funny boy

Hi guys, today i was playing a little bit of MTU just for fun. I was matched up with this guy called oblique_crop.

His squad was probably better, but i prefer to be the underdog. Anyway, under few mins he called timeouts like nothing to send me pm

I don’t understand what is going wrong with the mind of some of these kids.
And these are the links for the videos of the game. Enjoy it :smile:

https://youtu.be/GN7-KsDBPi4 .

“YOU banned Cheater kid”

Spoken like a true wordsmith of our time.


Man I wouldn’t want to have to learn how to write @Mau4c83 ‘s name as a child…

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lol, so true bro ahahahah

Your last name sounds like a new Ferrari



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I played this dude in TTO and he wrote me the same thing. 100% certified lunatic.

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lol His brain is gone, poor kid.

he just needs to learn to lose

Wonder what his name on here is

Probably petravork if I had to guess


I don’t know why, but most of the guys from turkey are a little bit out of control.

This is why I just use a 12-0 service from the 2kg community if there’s a reward card I want. Then I can play stress free the rest of the month with no fear of getting screwed at 8-0 or 11-0 or whatever.

Anyway, i like my brand new super fast lineup. This game is all about the speed this year, take it or leave it.

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Yup main reason I can’t let go off Mike Malone.

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Lowkey, for once, 2K Finally gave Pace and Space users, like myself, a great head coach for the system. Before 2k20, the best Pace & Space Coach out of the past two years was arguably Sapphire Alvin Gentry (who provided a +2 boost).

Having +4 Boosts now is a big game changer

What does Mike boost?

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If I remember correctly,

On Excellent, Mike boosts +4 3ball, +4 Defense (I can’t remember the exact ones, but it’s 3 different defensive attributes I think), and +4 speed

Edit: Even on Poor, Mike always gives a +4 3ball (Even for PF’s if I’m correct, I might be wrong)

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I’m totally not looking for that starting lineup in the lineup thread

Lol wut