NYC PD Thurs/Sat

I’m just curious. For those who went to the event Thursday and Saturday, have you received your PD? If so, did you put your gamertag or email?

Thursday, just Gamertag and nothing.

I talked to support and they just said it’s up to Ronnie man.

I’m talking to support and they said once you see what card you get, if it’s the incorrect card, well gladly help you out and get you PD MJ. I’ll let you guys know if “incorrect card” also means no card at all.

They aren’t replying to me often. They’re being hella dumb honestly.

I sent them proof and everything and they aren’t helping.

Same here!

2k dumb whaaaaaaaaaat

Yeah I went both days and got PD MJ. I put down my gamertag.

We got fucked so bad…

Ronnie lost his notes.

You serious? @marekdab

Just kidding, I hope you didn’t get a heart attack :slight_smile:

I didn’t, only cause I wouldn’t be surprised.

Did you get anything @DaNali

They just told me that Ronnie is “super busy” and that he’ll get to me as soon as possible

Nope. Really starting to piss me off.

Same. I don’t understand how it’s so hard to stay organized

Gonna throw in the towel soon