NYC PD Giveaway

When you write down your gamer tag for your account how do they know what console you are on? Do you write your gamer tag and console you are on? Sorry I’m just wondering because I may have a friend go and write my gamer tag but I’m on Nintendo Switch and I want to make sure it’s sent to my account. Any tips or advice would help, thank you!

@Nay @DaNali

can he write down my GT too? I can pay him

They don’t ask what console your on. Idk how they do it. They simply ask you to write down your full name and gamer tag.

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What’s happens if one were to go again?

I’m wondering the same god damn thing man. I might go for people here because I’m going to a bar around there later


Awesome, PM me what $ or MT amount you want and its yours.

There are a lot of really cool people in this forum

Way better than the other

Thanks guys for looking out for us

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Can you also include my psn id?
Psn id: badassgamer0018

Can someone hook me up on this

I can’t pull a damn Jordan

Until they do one of these events here in Chicago I can’t help others out. But when/if they do, I will do everything I can to get PD codes to as many as possible…

In the meantime - anyone who has a way to get an extra GT onto an XB1 list, mine is Noob Exploiter


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