Nvidia 30 series gpu stock

I really want to build a pc but I can’t even get started because all the new gpu are out of stock and I’m def not paying resell for them. I just wanna use my pc for school work and running games like cod and valorant at fairly high fps. Should I bite the bullet and go with the 2080 or just wait it out

If you’re able to wait it out, supposedly stock should get better in the summer but we’ll just have to wait and see. Cards are going above MSRP at some retailers though.

Any clue which retailers?

It’s the worst time in the history of electronics to buy a GPU rn. Some people think it’s going to last until half way through 2022…

The only sensible option for me personally is trying to luck out buying a GPU from amd.com as they are selling for the msrp.
I don’t know how Nvidia handles it, but i heard they wanna stop selling their own, so you’re stuck with the overpriced board partner cards from the other retailers.


I was going to build a PC this year cause I really wanted to start streaming/editing video but I think I’m just gonna go with a pre built that I can upgrade later.

Unless Crypto prices fall off a cliff or they figure out some new anti-bot tech it may be like this for a while…

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I think as soon as everything starts to open back up (presumably) this summer or fall, that everyone is going to go nuts travelling, and going to games/concerts/events, that sfuff like this is going to become less of a priority, demand will go down and availability should go up.

I wrote good luck finding with its normal price but u need more than luck tbh :sweat_smile: 2070s & 3060 are close cards. 2nd hand 2070s or 3060 is easier to get i think.

All GPUs are stupid overpriced right now, including way back to even 10xx series. If you live near a Microcenter, my impression from Reddit is that you can camp out for 4 or 5 hours on a known restock day of week and have decent chance of getting one.

… And then you still pay 50-100% over msrp…

Might just go with a pre built then. Really wanted to build my own but it’s whatever