Nuggets vs. Blazers (game 7)

Match up at European prime time. Who’s going to the WCF?

Everyone knows where my heart is but my head is flip flopping

You sound like me lol

Hard to say tbh.
Nuggets proved they are able to answered well under pressure ,but Lillard might have his one big game today.

My bet Nuggets but just because of history.

“The NBA has had 133 Game 7’s in playoff history
– The home team is 105-28 (79%) in those games”

If Nuggets win it will be harder for Warriors to match up with them than to match up with PTB I think

And its hard to play in this Denver mountains

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Any links to stream?

Reddit nba streams albo na canal plus bo chyba kolega z polski?

Dzięki przyjacielu


I think this will be a close game but blazers pull out the win

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I also think it’ll be a close game but then we all look at the clock during the 4th and see it’s DAME TIME

Anyone hearing this one lady screaming everytime POR is on offense?

This little kid screaming after every Portland basket is gonna ruin the game

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There’s no stage too big for the Joker

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Shout out Gary for being aggressive today. Looking like pre injury Gary so far. I’ve cut him some slack on offense because of the insane defense he’s brought in the playoffs but if he can get back to himself on offense, Portland ain’t ready for that.

Portland looks rattled.

Portland running this same weave play that they’ve been running for 3 years now.

Is not dame time yet @YOSEMITE_HAM let him preheat :joy:

I’d rather not