Nuggets master plan watch thread

Nuggets tanked the game Sunday night against Portland with the hopes of dropping Houston down to the 4 seed and push them to the Warriors side of the bracket for the second round. A risky move, but genius if it pays off. In order for it to happen, 3 things had to go right.

  1. OKC had to beat Houston on Houstons final game (they did)

  2. Denver had to win 1 of their final 2 games. They lost tonight at Utah but have another chance at home tomorrow vs Minnesota to lock up the 2 seed.

  3. Portland has to win it’s final 2 games. Starting with the Lakers tonight and ending with the Kings tomorrow. Portland would then finish with the same record as Houston and takeover the 3 seed due to h2h record.

If all 3 things go right, Houston drops to 4 and sets up the Hou vs GS deathmatch in the second round rather than the WCF. Denver comes out lookin like geniuses for setting themselves up not only for an easier trip to the WCF, but better news for every other team in the playoffs because those 2 teams will have to go through each other sooner than expected. First things first, Portland needs to take care of LAL tonight, which they’re currently struggling to do.


I saw 108-110 (I think) with 15s left for Houston when I woke up, was sure they won’t fuck up :joy:

PG with a HUGE 3. Portland better not screw this up. We seasoned it, cooked it, and served in on a silver platter for them smh

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Moe Harkless!! Phase 1 of master plan complete :sunglasses:



Nuggets losing to the wolves tomorrow and creating a 3 way tie would be the most Nuggets thing ever.


fuck… I have bad memories about last games in Minnesota :unamused:

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It’s at Pepsi this time!! And Kat is out

Did minessota and denver match up last year for the final spot?

Yep. Good thing we went the right direction this year while they didn’t lol they have nothing to play for tomorrow and are sitting Kat out. If we can’t handle business tomorrow and lock up the 2 seed then we don’t deserve to win the first round no matter how smart that plan might have been


Yeah denver winning tomorrow!

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Would Denver fall to 4?

No. I’m pretty sure it would go


For 2, 3, 4 since Houston and Denver are the division winners and Houston has the h2h tiebreaker over us

Great plans, blazers win against the kings, thunder lose to the bucks & the spurs end up playing Portland first round. I like the sound of that

Does Houston being division winners not bump them over Portland regardless of h2h tiebreaker?

On TNT they were saying Portland is locked into 4 and Houston/Denver are toddling for 2… So I’m confused, haha

Portland has tie breaker if they beat kings tomorrow Portland 3 seed

Being a division winner only locks you into a top 4 seed. It doesn’t tie break h2h when the 2 teams are not in the same division

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Looking at okc in the 6th seed to play Portland, that could be a close series maybe Denver okc second round

Houston in tough against Utah, this is hypothetical as there are games to be played