Now that I messed up and sold my PD kareem

Should I try to buy the limited one now? Is he that much better?

I have the purple one and I dropped off the regular PD with him once. I say get the purple one and badge it

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Wait for Hakeem prices for Kareem might drop then

Wont drop too much imo. They’ll just bench Kareem

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This is probably true. Although they might not drop due to Kareem being one of the better defenders against Hakeem.

That’s debatable. Some, extremely high tier players will. Most people aren’t willing to invest largely in an auctionable bench player, especially a big man.

True key word might no one knows what Hakeem will be like

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reward PD only have 5-6HOF badges. the limited kareem got 11HOF so i dont think hakeem will be better than that limited KAJ


Not All Can have the reward PD Hakeem

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