Now That I Have Finley What Should I Focus On?

What do you guys think the next move should be? I got my entry into the weekend tournament (ill play for more entries later towards end of month)

Should i grind offline domination, triple threat, etc? Like which do you think gives most tokens or is best suited to helping upgrade my team?

  1. I would do domination. It starts off slow, but at the end you will get 98 tokens, plus at least 100kmt.

  2. Do you have any tips for online? What was your team and what offense/playbook did you run? thanks

if they didnt changed the online TT rewards its definitely the best way to get tokens

How many tokens do you get from online?

i didnt play much of this but i had once prize of 3 tokens, if u got 5 balls and you super lucky u can get 15 tokens from 1 game, its crazy good

Ahhh ok I see Thanks man

Do as much dom as possible.
Snipe if you can.
Don’t stress too much about your current lineup as for next reward we will have many new cards, so your current lineup by that time might be irrelevant.

The goal for you is to unlock Ruby/Amy token players, even diamond if possible, by the time next Unlimited reward is out, have as much MT close to that deadline. Another thing to look out is diamond shoes/contracts, as you might need much more games to get to promised land. Make sure you got good coach like Kerr as well.

Knezius out :sunglasses:


So you think I should sell my team when I get home? or wait a lil bit for prices to rebound?

The only downside to selling my team is that I do want to lock in all the current sets because eventually I am gonna need those tokens and will eventually spend money on this game.

I’m not sure if you will need those token players, they’re great if they’re free, but mind you, 2k aint gonna be like that soon. You will find yourself better just getting stuff you need from AH, they will release better players, save MT and VC and just buy packs and players, i wouldint bother locking sets. Again, you got Finley, DO NOT bother about stuff that’s irrelevant for your next chapter. Your next chapter is to get strongest team possible for NEXT unlimited, if you will spend your MT and VC on stuff that will just devalue by that time its just a bad move all around. For now have teams thats not to expensive but enjoyable, grind Domination, do some snipes from time to time and just observe and be on the watch.

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Also they already said diamonds will be there in OCTOBER! So yah, next month we will have Diamonds, just be patient mate, no rush for now, just enjoy the game.

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All very good points Knezius, thanks brotha

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