Now is the time to sale Giannis if you’ve been holding him

Giannis value has finally rebounded after the super anniversary packs crash. He’s going for 400k and up right now. I sold one of mine for 412k and the other for 428k. Plus i still have one more with Foamposites I’m holding on to. He may become more expensive with time, but you never know with 2k.

Who would sell that?.
That card is so OP


I had 3 of them. People who are hoarding them should sale.

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He’ll be even more in a week

Patience = MT


Yeah he’s gonna hold value until playoff time I think or whenever the galaxy opal influx comes

Oooh okay I get it, my bad x)

He won’t get a better card than this so he will always hold his value. Unless you get the opal this is the best Giannis we will have

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Price check on limited Kareem? I’m thinking about selling

We shall see. I’m fully expecting a downhill market from here on out. I’m sure Giannis will get a comparable moments card soon plus other elite cards are coming. PD KD, PD Bron, PD Larry … I believe next anniversary card is either Kobe Bryant or Anthony Davis. All of these op cards will crash him.

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On PS4 there is 1, he goes for 354k with 1h15 left

Could release another one playoffs Giannis just to cash out

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No Kareem’s ending soon, but one with diamond shoe is at 220,000 with an hour and 12 minutes left.

Yes, everbody who thinks this Giannis will stay at 400k as the game progresses is a fool.

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Idk bro the way moments are I can’t see them equaling this Giannis stats. Also he may go down a little but as long as he is 200k ill be fine when I finally sell him for the opal

Wouldn’t say they are “fools” but I doubt we will see him under 150k for the whole cycle

If Giannis has a game shooting 6/6 from 3 and drops 50 points with 20 rebounds then it’s a gg. Hell he could shoot 4/7 and get a better 3 point rating than the Pd has… that man will definitely get a moments card that kind of comparable to him. The heatcheck card is almost the same card when hot minus the badges.

I’m probably putting up my Giannis today. With contract and white Kobe ADs on Xbox if anyone’s interested

Time will tell bro

True. Plus this next anniversary collection gives Galaxy Opal Blake. Imagine Giannis trying to defend that. The collection is loaded with dope cards too, Larry, Kobe, Bron, KD, AD and Shaq. All of those cards will affect the market.

True but we got 3 months until that card comes lol I’d have sold Giannis by then

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